Henley-on-Yarra Rowing Regatta
1914-1933 - Photo by VE Charnley


Getting There

Racing starts at 9.30am and concludes at approximately 4pm.

Boat House Drive will be closed to all traffic except Boat trailers and MARA authorised vehicles on Henley Day. Parking is available near the Botanical Gardens.

Spectators wishing to arrive by train or the number 1, 5, 8, 16, 64, 67, or 72 tram should alight at Flinders Street Station.

There are a number of options available for spectators at the Australian Henley Regatta. General admission is free and spectators wishing to watch the Australian Henley may proceed anywhere between the Judges' Box and the start.

The White Night arts festival begins in the evening after Henley.


The Australian Henley Regatta offers a number of options for catering. Food and beverage vendors will be located next to MUBC, or for those seeking a more formal setting, you can enjoy the Australian Henley with a fully-catered buffet lunch on the Henley Landing in the MARA Marquee.

We regularly support the efforts of local organizations who wish to conduct a sausage sizzle.


The tradition of marquees at the Australian Henley began in 1904 when rowing and social clubs could apply for a space to moor their decorated houseboat; first on the north bank, then from 1908 on the south bank at the Henley Landing.

Today, clubs, schools, and associated organizations can apply to erect a marquee on the Henley Staging (only) where they can entertain supporters. A space must be booked at least five days prior the event. Contact the Henley Secretary, Peter McKeon at pmmckeon@hotmail.com or (03) 9415 7442.

Alternatively, spectators can enjoy the Australian Henley with a fully-catered buffet luncheon in the MARA Marquee. Admission is available to all and is free to financial MARA subscribers. Tickets include luncheon with beer, wine or soft drink. Tables are available for groups of up to 10 - ideal for hosting your crew reunion or catching up with friends.

Dress code: suit, jacket or blazer for men, frocks and hats for ladies.

Applications for club and school marquees on Henley landing close on 16th February 2015.

To purchase your ticket to the MARA Marquee, please contact Peter McKeon or book through Trybooking.

Applications for club and school marquees close on 16th February, 2015. Tickets for the corporate marquee are available until 5pm, 15th February, 2015 and can be purchased through Peter McKeon.

Joining MARA

Membership of MARA began in 1904 with the purchase of subscriptions which entitled the bearer to admission into the members' enclosure. Nowadays, subscriptions run for 4 years and subscribers are entitled to Afternoon Tea in the MARA marquee on the day, and are encouraged to dress in race wear: hats and frocks for ladies, and suits, jackets or blazers for gents.

Subscriptions are now available. Contact Peter McKeon for further details.