Competitors at the Australian Henley Rowing Regatta on the Yarra River, Melbourne


Information Sheet

Download 2020 Australian Henley Regatta Information Sheet (pdf)

Download 2020 Order of Entry (pdf)

Download 2020 Time Trial Information (pdf)



Closing Date: Sunday, 16th February, 2020

Event Date: Saturday, 22nd February, 2020



Event Boat
Distance Order of Entry Acceptance
Grand Challenge Cup MO8+ 1600m Club MA8+ Club MB8+
Ladies Challenge Cup FO8+ 1600m Club FA8+ Club FB8+
Silver Sculls Jim Howden Memorial MO1X 1600m Club MA1X Club MB1X
Yarra Challenge Cup FO1X 1600m Club FA1X Club FB1X
Founders Challenge Cup MB8+ 1600m Club MB8+ M Sch 2nd 8+
Elswick Challenge Cup FB8+ 1600m Club FB8+ F Sch 2nd 8+
Non Challenge MC8+ 800m Club MC8+ M Sch 3rd 8+
Non Challenge MC4X 800m Club MC4X M Sch 3rd 4X
Non Challenge FC4X 800m Club FC4X F Sch 3rd 4X
Non Challenge MC4+ 800m Club MC4+ M Sch 3rd 4+
Non Challenge FC4+ 800m Club FC4+ F Sch 3rd 4+
Non Challenge FC8+ 800m Club FC8+ F Sch 3rd 8+
Brian Doyle Challenge Cup MU21 8+ 1600m Club MU21 8+ M Sch 1st 8+
Lord Mayor's Challenge Cup FU21 8+ 1600m Club FU21 8+ F Sch 1st 8+
Non Challenge FU21 4X+ 1600m Club FU21 4X+ F Sch 1st 4X+
Non Challenge FU21 4+ 1600m Club FU21 4+ F Sch 1st 4+
Non Challenge FU19 4X+ 1600m Club FU19 4X+ F Sch 2nd 4X+
Non Challenge FU19 4+ 1600m Club FU19 4+ F Sch 2nd 4+
Non Challenge MU17 8+ 1600m Club MU17 8+ M Sch Yr10 1st 8+
Non Challenge ADPT 2X 500m Club based as received
International Challange Cup MM 8+ 800m Leading with Masters A on handicap
Executive Challenge Cup FM 8+ 800m Leading with Masters A on handicap
Old Oarsmen's Challenge Cup MM 4+ 800m Leading with Masters A on handicap


The Australian Henley Regatta consists of match racing over 500 metres, 800 metres and 1600 metres.

Fields may be capped depending on the overall level of entries for the regatta and particular events.

We expect that Time Trials for all Schools events will commence from 8.00am on Saturday. The Time Trials for Male C4X+ will be held in the afternoon session of racing. Crews in time trials to row to the start in their sequential number. Do NOT be late. Crews are requested to get to the marshalling area in plenty of time as the Time Trials will be run in pre-set order. The four fastest crews advance to semi-finals. All other crews will race against a crew of similar speed later in the program.

Racing is expected to commence at 8.30 am, after the finish of the School Time Trials. The last race will be around 4.30 pm.

Trophy presentation and the awarding of Henley Pots and Medallions is to be undertaken at the Official Marquee on the Henley Landing shortly after each final. The Australian Henley has a grand tradition of perpetual trophies, some of which date from 1860, making them some of the oldest trophies in Australia.

Bow numbers will be available in front of Banks RC. Deposit $10.00. No change given.


See the Henley Regatta Course and Rowing Precinct maps




Assumptions to be used in preparing the Draw for 2020 Australian Henley:

  1. The Draw will be done by the Australian Henley Regatta Committee following the close of entries.
  2. Entries, and therefore the order of progression, and may be seeded by the Regatta Committee using recent regatta results.
  3. The Committee accepts the participation of Composite Crews in the Regatta for Open events without restriction. Note: Masters events are non-composite at this regatta.


Entry Fees

The entry fees for the Grand Challenge Cup (MO8+), Ladies Challenge Cup (FO8+), Silver Sculls (M1x) and Yarra Challenge Cup (F1x) is $32:00/seat, with “Henley Pots” awarded. Club events is $22:00/seat and Schools events is $12:00 seat. Winners receive a Henley medallion.

Australian Clubs and Schools

Entries will only be accepted electronically via the Regatta Manager entry system.

International Entries

For International Entries, please contact the Regatta Secretary (see below).

Closing Date for Entries

Sunday 16th February 2020 via Rowing Australia's ROMS Henley page.


Contact the Regatta Secretary, David Pincus at
0449 299 374 or or
Laura Schouten of Rowing Victoria
(03) 9645 0624

The Draw

The draw will be posted on the RV website on Wednesday 19th February 2020.

Regatta Day

Regetta Brief

There is to be a Coaches and Competitors briefing at Banks Rowing Club at 6.45am to 7am on Saturday 22nd February (the morning of the regatta). Please send a representative, who will be provided with bow numbers for the Time Trials at the conclusion of the briefing.

Boat Rigging, etc

Only on Peppercorn Lawn abutting Princes Bridge. Nowhere else. Bring trestles.

Bow Numbers Including Time Trials

Outside Banks Rowing Club. From 6.45 am Saturday. $10.00 deposit, no change given.

Boat Launching

Launch facing Princes Bridge and turn to bowside around the large orange buoy opposite Mercantile Rowing Club and row up North Station to start. Please have your boats in/out of the water quickly to ensure that the Regatta runs on time.


Tents on Henley Landing only, nowhere else. Schools/Clubs must book through Nick Gall (03) 9645 0624 or no later than Thursday 13th February 2020. One vehicle only, in/out, which must leave after unloading. The tent must be stabilised at each corner with substantial weights or water containers. No tent pegs. Bring your flags, bunting, etc.

Trophy Presentation

This will be done, progressively during the day, next to the Official Marquee on the Henley Landing. Winning crews return to the sheds, stow the boat quickly then proceed straight to the Marquee. Do not get changed, the timetable is too tight. Roger Wilson OAM is calling races.

Road Closure

Boat House Drive will be closed to all traffic except designated vehicles including boat trailers. Trailer parking will be in designated areas (roadside west of Richmond Rowing Club)

Car Parking

This is always difficult. Anywhere around the Tan, Linlithgow Ave., etc. fills quickly. Consider the car park at Southbank, the National Gallery, Federation Sq. off Flinders St, car parks on the north side of Flinders St. east west of Swanston St., or the Tennis Centre, Swan St. A short walk.

Race Programs

Available from Bow Numbers desk and the Committee Marquee. A bargain / donation at $4.00 given the information therein. A great memento.


Rotary will be selling sausages, soft drinks etc. near MUBC. Food Vendors will be located near the Rowing Victoria/MARA Marquee on the Henley Landing (across Boat House Drive opposite the Judges Box). A Coffee van will also be available.

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